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Ambre Lane, MD

Psychotherapy for individuals, expectant and new parents



That you are coming to see me, as well as what we discuss, is confidential and protected.


To begin, I recommend we meet to discuss your current needs. This typically occurs over a few sessions. When I have enough information, I will offer my recommendations. If I am not able to provide the care needed to help you with your concerns, I will do all that I can to help you find someone who may.


Once we decide to work together, we will find appointment times that are workable for both of us, and will be consistent from week to week.

Therapy sessions last for 50 minutes.

How frequently we meet depends on a variety of factors. Consistency is it essential. To be most effective twice a week is often a good place to begin. We can discuss what frequency is right for you.


I am a contracted provider for Premera Blue Cross, including Global, Heritage, Foundation, Heritage Prime and Heritage Signature Networks. I am also part of the LifeWise Assurance Company network of providers, as well as the LifeWise Health Plan of Washington including LifeWise Preferred and LifeWise Connect Networks.

Most other insurance policies will reimburse you for some portion of my services as an out of network provider. The process is surprisingly straightforward and I will do all that I can to help you use your insurance benefits.

I am sometimes able to offer a sliding scale.

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